Our Story

Our Story

Yachtparts.com.au was created by two school friends on Sydney Harbour in August 2012. The founders John & Steve were sailing on a beautiful Sydney winter's day and realised the boat needed work.  They decided they need to be able to work on the boat during the week from their offices. The research into repairs, equipment upgrades and ordering parts should all be done on the computer rather than running around the shops on the weekends wasting quality sailing time.

They also decided that the new equipment or replacements needed to be delivered to the office, yacht club or shipwright, anywhere except our home addresses where questions would be raised by family members "adverse to the cause".

Yachtparts.com.au has been designed specifically to cater to weekend sailors that are time poor on the weekdays who want to access the best equipment from around the world without feeling like they traversed the globe get it. 

With the creation of yachtparts.com.au the boats are always in working order and everybody is happy.

Yachtparts.com.au has been operating online for 6 years and is located in Sydney and Melbourne.


We can be contacted at john@yachtparts.com.au