[HK-DSSBK4] HARKEN Single-Function Digital System Switch — Black


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Harken Digital System Switches feature ground-breaking technology that set the standard for the reliable operation of electrically-powered yacht systems.

To accomplish this, redundancies have been built into the systems.
• Control buttons send on/off digital signals (rather than non-stop analog signals) and cannot trigger an impulse, preventing accidental system activation even if the wiring becomes damaged. The signals are converted back to analog using the supplied decoder mounted at the control box to start/stop the functions.
• Watertight seals are never exposed, even in the on position, eliminating potential damage from sun and prolonged use.
• Underneath each control button, two command switches must work in unison before a signal is sent.

The covers rotate to expose activation buttons. Selecting OFF conceals the control functions and protects against accidental activation. Integrated lighting provides low light visibility for additional usability.

Harken Digital System Switches are impact-, wear-, and abrasion resistant. Double-sided adhesive mounting system for fast installation.

Pairs with the Harken UniPower single-speed winch used by cruisers.